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Most of our clients can become score worthy in 45 days or less

Credit matters.

We all have a story.  Some of us made bad choices that hurt our credit.  Some of us just don’t know how to negotiate.  Sometimes bad credit is not even a condition we can control.  Health issues, jobs loss, fraud.

It hurts to have bad credit.  25% of auto loans are over 20% interest.  Jobs are lost over bad credit.  Business Opportunities are lost over credit.

4stepcredit.com is here to help fix this. Spending over 50% of your income on high interest loans, and bad decisions, is avoidable.

4stepcredit.com will show you how to take your life back.  How to negotiate back your loans.  Where you get help, and how you can solve your problems yourself.

Credit problems can be embarrassing and painful. Let us teach you how to refinance high interest car loans, dispute your own credit, and prevent future problems,

Thoughts on Credit:

  • People with better credit pay 10’s of thousands less in interest fees.  Interest is a tax on credit!
  • Your kids will get better college loans if your credit is better!
  • You could give yourself a giant pay raise if you raised your credit score.
  • Your authority and future promotions at work can depend on your credit score!
  • Future financial gains and opportunity are limited by your credit score.

Our Process:

  • Review your 3 bureau mortgage credit report provided by your lender.
  • Settle your collections with the goal of negotiated deletions. This is the scary part. We call for you, with you and do the negotiating. This is our specialty. We have been doing this for over 2 decades.
  • Add score building credit that will show up on your credit report in less than 40 days. Good credit adds points!
  • Credit report disputes filed. Clean up as much of the negative past as we can – quickly!
  • Create your credit plan that puts you on an expedited path to 800 and beyond. Credit success requires a very specific set of rules be followed. The details are very important.

Call (865) 951-3175 We can take your payment over the phone and get started. Feel free to call with questions.

Did you know what we now have a car buying service for Knoxville & Most of Tennessee?

4 Step Credit Is A Safe And Easy Way To Learn To Control Your Credit.

Call (865) 951-3175 To Get Started, Or Contact Us With Any Questions You Might Have.