Credit Master’s Tip #8 – I am still working on #7 which is about those soul-sucking inquiries ( btw I am super dramatic because they have got you concerned about an imaginary issue while you overlook some really important ones because the confused are easily misled). I skipped #7 because I found out four things this morning. One of which most will find interesting.

I had an 8:15 appoint at my doctor who is 30 miles from me, and all of it is running with rush hour traffic. #1 I reminded myself why I have gone to great lengths to avoid traffic since 1999. #2 I am still surprisingly motivated by the promise of a sticker if I don’t cry during blood work. I suffer from cry baby at the doctor’s office. Now you know my shame. #3 I have fabulously easy to veins to work with, and my blood flow is optimal as if I am on warfarin, but I am not.

#4. I knew this information because of all of the medical debt I settle and get deleted, but I had no idea how to take a stand. My family physician is awesome. I have no idea what started this conversation which is not unusual for me. My Doctor said that if you have a high deductible for catastrophic stuff only don’t turn you insurance info into your doctor’s office. If you do, they have no choice but to charge insurance price.

Insurance prices are inflated because everyone in the industry knows that all insurance companies cut the health providers by as much as 90%. As it was explained to me if a procedure costs the office or hospital $15, then the health care provider has to charge up to $85 to make sure they get the $15. If they charged the $15 it cost, then insurance would only pay them a $1.50 maybe.  

If you have insurance that has cash out of pocket deductible that has to be met before insurance pays a dime and you don’t have expensive, and ongoing illnesses, it is best not to let them know you have insurance and ask for the cash price.

Each person is case by case. This is something interesting I learned that could save you a lot of money each year. Check with your insurance provider and your doctor’s office on this. Do your homework. My opinion and fifty cents will get you a soda at Walmart. Fact check and then fact check the fact checkers. It’s your money. Fight to keep it.

From now until February 4th, 2019 I am offering a three day one on one credit boot camp or $50. I guarantee you will be on your way to 750 and beyond if you can follow my instructions. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune.