How to improve your credit score by 30 points or more in as little as 30 days.

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30 credit points is a lot of points, especially in just a months’ time, 30 points can easily represent savings of thousands or 10’s of thousands on a larger loan.

An extra 30 points can mean the difference between getting a great loan or being stuck with double-digit interest or no loan at all.

If you already have good credit, 30 points can lower your interest rate and significantly reduce your loan fees and PMI.

Many people are paying extra interest just because they do not understand this one simple concept.

Are you ready?

To add 30 or more points to your credit score is to call your credit card companies up and find out what their reporting date is.  Then pay your credit card bill the day before your credit company reports your account information to the credit bureau. Even if you must make your minimum payment on the due date and pay your balance down the day before the report date. You can keep a balance on your credit cards 28 days per month. Pay your balances down the day before they report, let it sit empty the day it reports, then you can use your credit card the rest of the month until it is time to start this process all over again.

Here is why this works:

30% of your credit score is based on how much of your total credit you are using.  This means if you have a $2,500 credit card, and you pay your rent, internet, car payment, groceries, and gas on your credit card, then you may easily be using 70% to 90% of your credit.

If your credit card company reports on the 17th of the month, and you pay fully on the 25th, then it will still look like you have a large balance every month.

By changing the day your pay your card balances down you could significantly cut down on your credit utilization on your credit report aka your balance to limit on your revolving accounts.

This simple change in your habits can result in savings of $1,000’s of dollars on your home loan, refinance, or car loan.

The best way to find out the reporting date is to call your credit card customer service line during regular business hours.  If you call during off business hours, you may find it significantly harder to find someone who can help you establish what this date is.

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Want to learn more credit secrets?  Often times it is not money that holds people back.  Mastering your credit score can save you hundreds a month and thousands a year.  Your credit score helps your career, affects your retirement date, and determines your ability to capitalize on future financial opportunities.