4 Step Credit is not a credit repair company

The first reason we are different is we do not do credit repair.  Credit repair is what everyone else offers.  We offer credit coaching.

What’s the difference?

A credit repair place takes the short cuts that will often come back to destroy you a few months later.  A credit repair company sells you on a credit boost in the shortest amount of time, no matter what the blow back or consequences may be later on.

4 Step Credit is different.

4 Step Credit educates you and walks you through the entire process.  We let you know the risks and alternatives every step of the way.  We don’t make life changing choices for you, we let you control your own future.

Understand that if you have lots of collections, debt, and past mistakes, there are very real consequences that can result from your choices.  4 Step Credit will help you navigate the minefield of debt negotiation and settlement.  We will help you set up payment plans.

Many of our client’s scores increase significantly in 30-90 days, 60 to 80 point increases are not uncommon.

A credit score is not personal.  A credit score is a risk assessment tool used by lenders to determine your loan worthiness, not your self-worth.  We are a local business, we have a space for one-on-one meetings, and have well over 10 years credit coaching experiences.

Our site is not full of recommendations for credit cards, and we do not sell ad space.

During our launch window, all membership levels include access to ask a credit coach questions.

Let us know any questions you may have.  Use our contact form or give us a call at 865-951-3175

Call (865) 951-3175 We can take your payment over the phone and get started. Feel free to call with questions.