There are 1,000’s of advertisements all over town for credit repair companies.  They promise quick fixes, fast results, and professionalism.

Go visit some of our competitor’s websites.  They are members of countless organizations, banking networks, and other high fee-based structures.  They ask you to get HIGH-INTEREST RATE CREDIT CARDS.  Their websites are full of advertisements designed to entrap you.  Look in the footer of the website and the contact information. Often times you will see they are a national site with no local ties.

Most credit repair companies offer to contest or dispute with the credit reporting bureaus.  DONT FALL FOR THESE SILLY SERVICES.  These are simple things you can do yourself with a phone call.  In fact, when you work with 4 Step Credit we give you a list of simple things you can do right away to tie up the loose ends.

4 Step Credit is not a company that does simple credit bureau disputes.  We listen to your goals, such as buying a home or car, we find out all your relevant information, and we make a full plan to help you accomplish your dreams.

That means we are not going to dispute charges with the credit bureaus.  Disputing charges with a credit bureau is like yelling at a service clerk for a companies policies.  It might feel good to yell at someone, but the person at the desk is not going to be able to change a companies policy to help you.

We are different.  We will do 3 way calls with you and your creditors and help you settle debts.  We will help do the work to track down your outstanding claims.  We will help you negotiate rates.  We will help you talk to bankers and lenders to get the loans and credit you need.

We have been in the credit business for decades!  We do not pad our income with credit card referral fees, or asking you to carry silly debt loads, or crazy memberships with high annual fees.  We walk you through the process.

Many companies offer a quick fix.  That is why everyone has a sour taste for credit repair companies.  Often times people find themselves in more debt and more legal issues due to standard industry policies.  We will speak the truth to you, and we guarantee our work.  We let you assess the risk and the results.

We are different.  We will speak the truth to you, and we guarantee our work.  We let you assess the risk and the results.

Often times our results are quick.  Look through our blog.  You will see many stories of us helping many people with fast turn-around times.  We want to help you find freedom with your finances, not find entrapment.

If you have been turned down for a loan, credit card, or job, please come see us.  We are affordable and can offer payment plans.  We want you to succeed.  We want you to experience financial freedom.

Have Questions?  Please call.  We would love to consult with you.  865-951-3175