What can make your credit score drop from 755 to 690? Verizon, when they turn you in for an old bill that shouldn’t have been in collections. It was during not at the end of 10 years as a customer. He paid it as soon as he found out via mortgage pull but didn’t know to question the debt. I don’t know how these companies stay in business. BB&T, State Farm, AT&T, TMobile, Verizon, Charter, Comcast, Dell Financial, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, anything student loan related; especially private college loans. ITT, South College, National College, University of Phoenix. Super slimy, crazy aggressive and zero regards for federal laws. There are plenty more, but these are my usual suspects. Good habits, better information and the right person helping you can do wonders for your score. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune. I have 14 years worth of stories to share from over 30,000 hours spent solving credit problems. I get results.https://4stepcredit.com/get-robbed-pencil/