I love teaching this class. It is not lost on me that some in my class wish they were anywhere but sitting in my class listening to me geek out on student loan rehab. But there are some who want to be there. The folks in my class ask really good questions and some are serious about making a lasting change in their lives. Being part of that change is very cool.

Last week and this week too I noticed how nonviolent drug offenders ask the same credit/consumer finance questions as people who have called in on radio shows I have hosted or been a part of, or classes I have taught for Realtors or Mortgage Loan Officers. You shouldn’t have to be out on parole to take any of the classes offered at this center — classes like – parenting, toxic relationships, household finance, consumer finance, continuing education and financial aid, how to properly apply for a job including what to wear, how to write a resume along with drug and alcohol classes.

I am not sure how many of these people will stay out of jail. I hope all of them get clean and stay clean. In a short time, I have been a part of this program I have seen it be a valuable tool and something that High Schools and Colleges need as a requirement for graduation. What if someone explained that being talked into $40,000 in student loan debt for a $12 an hour skill set could be a mistake that will haunt you forever? What if someone pointed out the characteristics of a toxic relationship and why you should and how to remove yourself from those situations?

This class is next to Smart Auto. I used them as an example as to why taking the time to educate themselves to avoid high-interest loans. One young man said, “what’s the big deal”? They put you in a nice car. If you have read any of my writing, you know how I answered a question or statement concerning interest rates over 24%; and if you haven’t check out any previous blogs. I have strong feelings on this subject, and my response was predictable.

I feel like John Boy Walton writing his first novel at this point but so much happened in yesterday’s class. I will hurry. I covered –

  1. Student loan rehab that stops tax refund garnishment
  2. Three separate discussions on settling medical collections effectively
  3. Easy to get, local score building credit that reports to all three credit bureaus and costs less than $5 per month in interest.
  4. The broad strokes of property tax sales as it pertains to family properties.
  5. Payday loans, he has paid $500 on a $150 loan and still owes $161. Don’t laugh or roll your eyes. At least a few people in your neighborhood are in that jackpot right now, and I don’t care if you live in an $80,000 house or an $800,000 house.
  6. How accomplishing your long-term business lending goals require action right now. One guy wants to become a painting contractor, another a real estate investor with a focus on halfway housing.

Several questions touched on multiple topics. The constant was that look that happens the second something that confused you no longer confuses you. And that look is always followed by a few tilted head nods of hmmm that does make sense, and I am not screwed for life…COOL!!!!

Very cool stuff indeed. Invite me to speak to your group. Cover my travel and feed me and I am there. Message me https://4stepcredit.com/contact-us/