Credit Master’s Tip #4
I teach credit, credit scoring, credit recovery, debt settlement, credit management, advanced consumer finance, and small business banking. I have for years. I teach classes on those topics for the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Battered Women’s Shelter’s, Drug and Alcohol Rehabs, Church groups, Real Estate Companies, Mortgage Companies, Foster Care Organizations, basically anywhere I am invited.

It might surprise you to know that nonviolent drug offenders on parole ask the same credit questions as small business owners, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers and factory workers. I can almost assure you that you are bleeding cash every month. I am so confident that if you call me and we go over your personal or business finances, and I can’t show you how to save at least $50 per month or $600 per year I will eat a bowl of generic bran flakes with water instead of milk. Try me.

Almost everyone is bleeding cash because of the intentional deception on the internet machine and clueless financial services workers. The impact is different. People who are struggling cannot afford to be robbed with a pencil, and most middle-class people can afford to be credit ignorant.

There is a shocking amount of bad information that has been successfully implanted and difficult to supplant in the minds of the American consumer. If you think that information is there by accident, you are sadly mistaken. Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent to deceive you with just enough truth to make whatever “they” are peddling palatable enough to hook you.

Who are “they”? Affiliate marketers that get paid $30 to $120 or more per approved application when you apply from sites they are on, free credit monitoring sites have embraced the fact that $30 to $120 or more for pushing questionable credit cards, loan products, and credit-related service is too good to pass up. “They” encompass more than just companies who peddle incomplete and misleading credit information but for Tip #4’s purposes, my focus will be on them.

In my opinion, there are two types of consumer’s – those who think they understand credit and credit scoring but don’t and those who know they don’t have a clue and just cross their fingers and are looking to the salesperson to be their expert. I can assure you they are not.

Let me help you. Take me up on my offer to comb through your fiscal decisions. Last week I saved a family over $7,000 over the next 7 years with one phone call. Click the link and ask me a question or set up a phone call.