You need three pieces of open credit for FHA, VA or USDA Rural Housing mortgages. Build the perfect credit profile and pay less than $5 per month in interest and have local customer service. It’s not a debt derby. Get local, score building credit. It is not hard. If you had an issue or a question would you rather walk up and talk to someone who could help you that lives near you or do you feel more comfortable with a language barrier and a nonchalant attitude?

Credit Unions are the best/cheapest place to get local score building credit. Each bank or credit union has different lending criteria; minimum credit score, minimum debt to income, minimum job history, minimum liquid assets and on and on. It is possible to get turned down for a secured share loan or a secured share credit card even though you are securitizing your credit building loan with your own money. Rules – rules – rules; find out what their rules are before you apply. It will save you a lot of time and grief.

I use one particular credit union that does not pull credit for credit building loans, and they don’t have any membership requirements to join. You can live anywhere and be a part of this credit union. The amount of money you need to get three pieces of score building credit is $300 total. Yep, that’s right $300, and they are friendly and helpful are a rare combination these days.

Don’t overcomplicate things by looking for shortcuts you don’t need. And I beseech you to stop responding guaranteed approval credit card ads, no credit no problem car loans. Invest some time in arming yourself with a solid credit education.