What passes for credit education online is pathetic. Almost all of it is leading you into decision making that is way better for them than it is for you. There is just enough truth sprinkled in to make it believable. The bottom line is, making your credit scores rise is not rocket science. It’s simple because it is computer generated. It’s not anyone’s opinion. It doesn’t play favorites.

I am going to regularly write something that will increase the Credit IQ of hard-working people and the American Small Business owner. I have named it Credit Master’s Tips. For average consumers I will cover topics like avoiding credit repair, settling collections, getting the best interest rates and terms on your mortgage, car loans. Small Business credit and banking is a topic I love to teach on. I want you to become very intentional in creating a credit profile that business lenders want to see. How to have the right number of open active accounts and proper credit utilization. Advanced credit management is a difference maker.