Qualify The Hard to qualify, Close Your Sale, Get Thanked.

You have 100’s or maybe even 1000’s of leads that failed to qualify for loans.  These are people who came to you for a home, but didn’t have the credit scores or resources to get qualified.

We have a plan to turn those leads into qualified home buyers.

In as little as 35 days we can turn a 520 into a 640.

Get your own coupon code and we will let you know who signed up, and we will help direct them back to YOU.

That means more referrals.  That means more homebuyers.  That means a better community for you and your family.


We do the work to cleanup your client’s credit.

You sell them the houses.

How about we turn you into a credit ninja and we give you a special helpline?

We know you have credit questions.  Nothing is worse than to see a hopeful homeowner discover they are nowhere close enough to get a loan.

Our course we will quickly get you up to speed on the latest credit strategies as well.  We will give you priority access to email questions, and a phone number to call for any last minute questions or concerns on behalf of your clients.


So how does this work?

You sign-up.  We create a coupon code for you. Your coupon code will lower the price of any service we offer to consumers by 50%..  Anyone you run into that needs help, send them the coupon and a link to signup.  On your signup page, you will see a list of everyone who uses your code.

Send your code to your entire mailing list with an appeal to get started on repairing the credit.  All credit is fixable!  If you need help we can email your list for you.

Feel free to use the contact form inside your dashboard to inquire about more marketing pathways we have as well.

Shhhhh.  Don’t tell your Friends.  We are almost done with another secret weapon to help you close sales.  We are creating a Facebook sales funnel that will send you Qualified Leads.  This funnel sales funnel will make YOU a hero and bring you brand new home buyers.  Good and Qualified Home Buyers!

Let us know if you want more information and grab your place in line!