My new client’s son was shot and killed three weeks ago. His son died in the bad neighborhood he has been trying to get out of for the last several years. He has spent thousands on credit repair’s promises. My new friend didn’t know that paying someone to write tersely worded letters to the credit bureaus was a fool’s errand. That doesn’t change the fact that he and his wife have an even greater desire to buy a home in a better neighborhood.

BTW my new friend pays his bills. His only crime is being poor and not having any consumer finance savvy. He is the victim of familial identity theft. That means someone he loved and trusted took advantage of him because they could. I got something for that. Creditors might push this poor guy around, but they can’t do that to me. I have been doing my job longer than they have been doing their job. My job is knowing their job; what they can do, can’t do and could do if properly motivated. In the world of Credit and Credit Scoring can’t means won’t. My job is to find someone who can. Credit repair or snappy credit sites that feed you lies and fake scores while they send you in circles and give you only the information they want you to have so they can more easily mislead you can’t do that.

Here is what he did need and is getting from me:

  1. Someone to teach him advanced credit management. After two years of credit repair, he was still groping in the dark trying to make his scores rise. In fifteen minutes I gave him three things he could do to raise his scores by 40 points in 30 days, and push his scores toward 800 quickly. Guys this isn’t rocket science!
  2. Someone to call his creditors with him and find someone with authority enough to deal with the problems he is having in a way that helps him instead of hurts him. Yesterday I was researching a particular topic and called each credit bureau twice asking the same question and got different answers each time. If you think the person you are talking to is good at their job, you are sadly mistaken.
  3. Someone who will return his phone calls and answer the questions he has about credit, consumer finance, and debt settlement. Understanding how it all fits together is step one towards changing your circumstances.
  4. And and and

Except for the part about the murder, I deal with a lot of people in this very position. It frustrates me that almost everyone is being misled by someone or some company for fun and profit. Unfortunately, most people are looking for the answer they are looking for instead of looking for the truth. Let me help you get a grasp on the basics and create a good foundation.