Thirty months ago, my life started falling apart. Between family issues, unexpected expenses, and a general sense of hopelessness, I fell into the triangle of hell more commonly referred to as the payday/flex loan, check cashing and title pawn lifestyle.

It started out as a way to put out a couple of “fires” in my finances. It seemed manageable and was supposed to be temporary. Almost three years later my take-home pay is just over $2,000 per month, and I owe $2,700 per month.

Obviously, it is not possible to pay them all every month. These legal loan sharks gladly accept a payment every other month or so. In turn, I must renew these terrible loans and accept whatever penalty and fee they decide to make me pay. One loan, in particular, started about 30 months ago. It was for $400 originally. My payment has been $87 per month. I currently owe $711 on that loan. That is what happens when you are desperate and don’t know what to do.

Over the last couple of years, I have had to take out bad loans to cover even worse loans. There was no end in sight. I hadn’t slept well, nor eaten well. I was feeding my family as cheaply as I could to try and stay ahead of the hounds. That, among other things, robbed me of any peace I had hoped to have.

The week before Thanksgiving 2017 I was introduced to Brian at He said he could help me. Brian laid out a plan that worked for me. He helps me every step of the way.  I was given my life back. I am no longer being bullied by legal loan sharks – I have a workable plan that allows me peace of mind – I have all the support I need to make better decisions – I will be debt free in months

I encourage anyone who is struggling like I was to contact Brian at Let him help you. His fee is reasonable; it doesn’t take a lot of time, and it is a real help.

Anonymous, embarrassed, but improving each day from Sevierville TN