I was referred to this couple by a friend of a friend who knew a guy who knows me. The first call was frantic. The second call was more frantic. They have eight kids between them. Taxes and over time take a bite out of his wages, and Capital One takes their bite out of his wages, leaving my friend a couple of crumbs each Friday.

A few weeks ago his HR department was going to send paperwork; this morning his wife called again and left a message to the wrong HR department. We didn’t know it was the wrong department until she and I called again and again and again until someone answered. She transferred us to the right department. The right department gave us the information they were supposed to mail three weeks ago. She did this while we were on the phone with her and yes it is a mystery to me that couldn’t have happened three weeks ago. But three weeks ago they didn’t know me and the HR lady wasn’t the one losing $750 so far on a bogus, bloated fee judgment. We were highly motivated, and she was not.

What an apathetic comedy of errors. They only way the way the wrong HR person calls my friend back in a hurry is if it was her check they were garnishing. Otherwise, it would have been next week after playing phone tag a time or two. Before this the wife called the courthouse and asked if there were any judgments or garnishment orders; they said there were not. The only thing that was not a mystery was the fact that $750 has gone missing from this man’s check in the last three weeks.

With the correct information from the correct HR lady, we called the attorney office in charge of collecting from Capital One. We got the information we needed and called the courthouse back with more information, although we gave them enough the first time.

We were given instructions on filing a slow pay motion, and they are being followed as a type. My new friend will lose $500 in the next two weeks but because we are getting this filed today and not tomorrow the courts 14-day window to address this motion will fall on a Thursday, not a 3rd Friday. That saves $250 in the future. Our slow pay motion will be for $50 per month. With 10 people in the household that amount is almost a lock. They can’t take an amount of money that will make you not be able to eat or pay bills. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune, and there is a fortune being spent to keep you confused. The confused are easily misled. I have a new price structure that will allow me to help more people like this. You should give me a call and let me help you too.