Her misery was avoidable

This post just turned into a series of posts. This one is #1 of maybe 100. This person I am writing about got bad advice from her VP of local bank friend, the mortgage person the bank VP referred her to and the credit repair company that the mortgage person referred to her. The credit repair place over promised under delivered and absconded with thousands of her dollars, left her broke, frustrated and still unable to buy a house or get single digit interest car loans. The mortgage person who swore to stay in touch hasn’t. Her VP of a local bank friend is now just a VP of a local bank. The term friend is no longer used. The only person who had any adverse consequences from bad advice and bad referrals was her. She would have been better served using a magic 8 ball for advice. I will get her straightened out in a couple of months. Her misery was avoidable. Good habits, better information and the right person helping you can do wonders for your score. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune. I have 14 years worth of stories to share from over 30,000 hours spent solving credit problems. I get results. https://4stepcredit.com/get-robbed-pencil/