Today I talked to a 20 something that needs my help but can’t see the value in paying for something that is free on the internet. She had small but pesky problems and was already kind of punch drunk on internet advice, while she trolled me for free info. She gave me several opportunities to guarantee I could make a certain thing happen. I said I probably could and have had great success in the past with this very issue, but logic has no place in any conversation concerning credit and I don’t make guarantees about what companies may or may not do. I don’t tell people what they need to hear just to get them to pay me. Clients like that will make you regret ever taking their money.  

Also today I spoke with a recently widowed 37-year old raising her two kids and just got custody of her niece’s daughter. VA disability just reclaimed $4,000 because her husband’s died. She wants to buy a home, has two high-interest car loans and full coverage insurance on both; she is also at least $10,000 upside down collectively in both, not each. She has also been saddled with over $14,000 in collections; almost half is a for-profit college loan. It would be rude for me to speak out of turn and sully the reputation of a pillar of academia without giving South College a chance to explain why I have so many clients that have a huge problem with them. So I won’t I am a fair man that believes in giving dirtbag institutions with deceptive billing practices the same opportunity for rebuttal as I would a low life fitness center on the Tennesee buyer beware list that has the initials NFC. I feel myself getting sidetracked here, but South College and National Fitness land on my radar quite often. I have got stories for days on both of the institutions.

One hired me and one didn’t, but I could have helped both. In 60 days the recently widowed lady will be at zero bad debt, her 599 middle scores should be at least 680, and we will trade the two cars that she is $10,000 upside down in for one car. She will move into a home that her husband did not die in; her car payments will be lowered by at least $350 per month. She will save $140 per month on insurance and will have cut 25 minutes off of her commute to work.

After having met me, she will have refinanced high-interest car loan debt to save $350 per month, save $140 per month on insurance because she only pays insurance on one car, owns a home for less than she is paying in rent and her scores will rise 150 points in 6 to 8 months. Math is my friend, and my friend says I helped this woman save $11,760 in overpaid interest and unnecessary insurance, turned her credit from a liability to an asset and helped her sleep in a home her husband did not die in. I do enjoy my work. If I can do all of that. I can, and I have many times. Maybe you should let me help you too. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune. If the people you get your credit advice from can’t explain in detail how I will do that in a short amount of time then you are getting your advice from the wrong people.