Marshall, you said your “no” was the final no. When I asked you if you had a supervisor, you said no. Hey buddy, how come we got an email from your supervisor. Marshall you naughty boy. Why did you lie to me? Did you need to feel important? Were you upset that you don’t have final say but thought it would be fun to pretend you did, at our expense?

No worries Marshall. Your boss is taking a look at our conversation. Do you remember how you told me it was being recorded for quality and training purposes? You left one thing out. It is recorded to make sure you don’t speak with a forked tongue. Have fun explaining to your boss the nonsense you floated my way.

Tanisha is going to get back to me next week. If Tanisha still thinks that my client is in the wrong when we have proof that he is not; up the ladder, we will go. Thanks for picking up Marshall’s slack Tanisha. BTW it is useless to dispute an item with the credit bureaus if the creditor thinks they are right. Implying that actually works is why credit repair is a multi-billion dollar scam. I have 14 years worth of experience from over 30,000 hours spent solving credit problems. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune. I get results.