Round 5 Very nice Great Grandmother 1 – State Farm – 0 For the love of all that is good and pure in the world we finally got the insurance fiasco settled. On Friday State Farm is issuing a $2,424.39 check and closing out her escrow with BB&T. Her new Home Owners policy will be $1,124. My friend will get her new insurance paid up for the year and get $1,300 to put in her bank.


The next step is getting escrow audit ordered. That will drop her payment. The step after that is getting her due date changed. My friend’s mortgage is due on the first with the grace period running through the 16th. She pays out of a check she receives on the 15th. Sometimes there are grace period fees if she doesn’t get her mortgage payment called in that day. That is fixable.


The step after that is finding out why her mortgage balance is so high. BB&T still has lots of splainin to do. We ordered the payment history for the 2nd time yesterday. When that comes in I have a smart banker friend or two that will help us find out why her balance is not in what it should Good habits, better information and the right person helping you can do wonders for your score. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune. I have 14 years worth of stories to share from over 30,000 hours spent solving credit problems. I get results.