One family with two cars. Current middle scores are 560 and 575. They have excellent job history and $78,000 per year combined household income.


Victory over cancer left them with 14 unpaid collections totaling almost $7,500. I am almost positive that nine will delete as I have dealt with these particular collection agencies over the last 15 years. They have no other debt outside of the two car loans and the 14 open collections.

My job is to help them navigate getting those collections paid and preferably deleted, their credit strategically disputed while adding good, locally acquired score building credit that reports quickly. This locally acquired credit will cost less than $5 per month in interest. It is not a debt derby. In 45 days their scores can be between 660 and 680.

How do I know this can happen in 45 days? 15 years of experience. I have recently take a 573 to 656 in 14 days, a 574 to 747 in 12 months and a barely 400 to 620 in a little over a year. I can help you if you are willing.

This man was about to dispute 14 collections; most hit their credit report recently. That would have been a credit repair nightmare. The one thing credit repair companies excel at is peddling hope. What you know as “credit repair” works some of the time and some of the time it lights up creditors you owe money to and puts you on their hit list with an s. It’s a coin toss. My way is tried and true and has worked for over 15 years. I deal with credit issues at the creditor level. Disputing negative accounts is part of the process, but it is about step #8, not step #1.

My 15 years of experience/over 30,000 hours of solving other people’s credit problems says that I before and will again do my part in 3 business days. If they are serious, they can do their part in 3 business days. I have spoken to these people and laid out a realistic step by step process of how this can happen.

While all of this is happening, we are also shopping their insurances. Hardly anyone shops their insurance but everybody should; especially if you have State Farm. Read

Original loan amount – $18,124 – Ally Financial

Interest rate – currently 11% / could have been 5%

Loan term – 72 months

Payment – $344 / could have been $292

Difference in interest – $52 per month – $624 yearly – $3,744 over 72 months

Original loan amount – $20,487 – Flagship Credit

Interest rate – currently 17% / could have been 5%

Loan term – 72 months

Payment – $452 / could have been $329

Difference in interest – $123 per month – $1,476 yearly – $8,856 over 72 months

Combined overpayment $52 + $123 per month = $175 per month x 12 = $2,100 per year x 72 month loan life = $12,600

They are upside down in both vehicles. They will need to trade up to refinance their high-interest upside down vehicles.

They currently rent at $1,100 per month. In 45 days with scores of 660 or better, they will be able to buy a home, have the same monthly housing expense, upgrade their neighborhood and increase their living space by roughly 33%.

Not bad for three days work. For that, I will charge $50 up front, and the balance paid upon meeting stated agreed upon goals. Message me for complete details.