Credit Triage

Credit Master’s closed Facebook Group – $50 per person:

Learning from each another’s questions and answers will kick your credit education into high gear. This group is for you to ask and have answered your credit, debt settlement, family budget, mortgage loan, auto purchase – refinance – trade-in – auto loan, business lending, business banking questions. I have friends who are experts in home, auto, and business insurance, mortgages, auto loans, business banking and business lending, small business coaching, accounting, and taxes. I have collected quite an interesting group of friends over the years. We lean on each other. Now you can benefit from our collective experience.

If you prefer asking questions in private you can email me your questions, and I will post the question and answers anonymously.


Credit Master’s Bootcamp – $130 per person $175 per couple:

I will review your credit with you over the phone

Prepare a credit plan that puts your credit scores on a path to 800 and beyond.

Highlight what you are doing right

Go over what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.

Explain in detail how to create a credit profile that puts your credit scores on a trajectory towards 800 while you pay less than $5 per month in interest

Access to the closed Facebook Group mentioned above and a follow-up phone call.

Credit Master’s One on One Credit Coaching – $250 per person $350 per couple gets all of the above and:

For six months you will have one on one telephone coaching to me for anything related to credit, interest rate, consumer finance, auto loan – purchase – trade in – business banking, business lending and more.

Credit Master’s One on One Credit Coaching Plus – $500 per person or $650 per couple gets all of the above and:

For six months, I will talk to your creditors, bankers, lenders, auto salespeople, collection agents, collection attornies for you, with you on the phone. I will negotiate car purchases and trade-ins with you on the phone. You have the final say; you are in control of your payment method. They won’t push me around. Relax, I have got this. I have over 30,000 hours looking out for other peoples best interest.

If for some reason your credit-related goals are not met in six months I will give you another 6 months of my time at no additional charge.


Call (865) 951-3175 We can take your payment over the phone and get started. Feel free to call with questions.