Credit Triage

Our Flat Fee $500 per person or $650 per couple. In the last 14 years, I have spent over 30,000 hours solving credit problems. I can certainly help you too.

You are never alone in this process. We take charge and lead the way. You are not making monthly payments so there is no good reason to drag it out. Most of our clients have seen a dramatic improvement in their scores in 45 days or less. Our personal record is 84 hours. I wonderful young lady with a 567 called after months with the wrong company. In 84 hours from the time she called she given a solid pre-approval letter from her new lender. 23 days from the day she called she closed on her dream home.

  1. Review your 3 bureau mortgage credit report provided by your lender.
  2. Layout a step by step by step plan.
  3. Settle your collections with the goal of negotiated deletions. This is the scary part. We call for you, with you on the phone. We do the negotiating. This is our specialty.
  4. Add score building credit that will show up on your credit report in weeks not months. Good credit adds points! You can have all the good score building credit you need to push your credit scores past 700 quickly and pay less than $5 per month in interest. It is not a debt derby.
  5. Credit report disputes filed. Quickly clean up as much of the negative past as we can the right way and yes that does mean there is a wrong way.
  6. Credit tech support – Call, email or text! Get on the right path, stay on the right path. There is sooo much, way too much bad credit information floating around on the internet.

We are not a credit repair company nor are we a debt settlement company. We do most of the work, provide our expert opinion but inevitably the decision-making is left up to you. When dealing with creditors directly you have to be on the phone with us. We don’t handle payments to creditors. You do that, with our help.

Ongoing Credit tech support, including acquiring small business loans and lines of credit – vehicle purchase/trade-in and loan negotiation – getting out of a payday/title pawn lifestyle.

We challenge you to find a company that loves to teach credit and credit scoring more than us. Read our blog articles. 4stepcredit is where passion and business collide.







Call (865) 951-3175 We can take your payment over the phone and get started. Feel free to call with questions.