If you keep up with my writing at this point, you have figured out that I have a real problem with State Farm. 100% of my clients that have had State Farm insurance see a significant reduction in premium the minute we “shop” State Farms rates. Small business owner/mother of 5 verse State Farm is no different. She was paying $790 per month with State Farm for auto insurance and is now paying $444 per month with her new insurance company (2 adult drivers 2 teenage drivers).

$346 per month saved x 12 months = $4,152. In all, it took 90 minutes to accomplish that. They are not good neighbors; they are bad neighbors. The kind of neighbors whose front yard has junk cars that house feral cats that sleep all day and fight all night. This person has had State Farm for 25 years.

It would be impolite to ask too many questions about how she felt about being loyal State Farm for 25 years yet saving $4,152 by shopping her coverages. Quick math is 25 years times $4,152  = $103,800 in potentially overpaid premiums, but they didn’t always have 2 teenage drivers, so I am sure it is not that much. But it is a lot. There is no denying that.

Earlier in the month Small business owner/mother of 5 verse State Farm and I figured out how to save over $1,000 in interest per year on her credit cards while keeping her card at the same credit utilization. She is just paying her credit card differently. $4,152 + $1,000 = $5,152 per year saved that = money well spent on my fee and we are just getting started. At any point, while reading this post feel free to contact me to see if I can help you like this(I can).

I have an unusual passion for helping people save money. Mainly because I work with kids who need programs like this one – The Therapeutic Preschool serves children ages 4-6, who have suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse or neglect, or have experienced a major loss or other traumatic events.

When I see multi-billion dollar companies advertise Good Neighborness as a way to dupe us into overpaying for goods and services, I lose it. I consider it theft. If you work with broken children like I do you would know the impact $5,152 per year would have on children who have suffered abuse in ways most cannot fathom and go to be hungry. So yes, I consider it theft. I am making it my mission to bring about change in the personal finances of good people trying to do right by their family and community.

Capitol One commercials ask the question “What’s in your wallet?” My new tagline is going to be “How much money are you wasting?” or “Who is ripping you off?” Good habits, better information and the right person helping you can do wonders in any situation. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune. I have 14 years worth of stories to share from over 30,000 hours spent solving credit problems. I get results. https://4stepcredit.com/get-robbed-pencil/