For the love of everything that is Holy and pure! Stop chasing bogus credit scores, and for God’s sake, take a little time and educate yourself so that you don’t get driven over the cliff with the rest of the sheep!

I feel like the world has been taken over by crazy people who what an answer so badly, that they will believe some of the most ridiculous nonsense!

People constantly come to us to help correct the damage that creditor repair specialist have caused.

“They” turn a profit on the products. “They” sell something that is designed to magically ease the pain from the panic that “They” caused.  This results in a stampede away from sound logic and wisdom.

“They” design to herd you into situations that are good for “They” and bad for you.

“They” will you take a bow.

That is an impressive system you have created. A literal money press for the evil at heart. It reminds me of Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle. Always up to something, but easily defeated in the end of you don’t give up.

Every time I see a ridiculous credit repair commercial, or an ad on Facebook, or some internet page of some scam credit score, or debt settlement, all I see are a bunch of people being scooped up in shrimp boat net.

As they shake the net full of people over a hole in the boat, I can see cash falling out of the pocket into a big pile on the boat floor. Then those people are dropped back in the water so they can fill their pockets up with cash again. Like the shampoo bottle says – lather – rinse – repeat. That cycle cannot end until you educate yourself.

Here is the deal. 90% of all lenders use FICO scoring models. FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation. They wrote the algorithms that gives most, if not all lenders the scores they use to determine credit worthiness.

Different companies have several different software programs.  Car dealers and Realtors both use FICO, but can interrupt them differently.

Mortgage companies put more weight into mortgage rates and foreclosures, than auto lates and repossession.

It’s not that auto later and repossessions are not important, they are just not as important than mortgage lates and foreclosures. And vice versa.

Any other credit score product on the market besides FICO scores are cheap knock offs designed to generate cartoonish piles of cash from unwitting consumers while giving them the nutritional equivalent of a bowl of ramen noodles. Ramen stops the hunger and satisfies while it gives you almost lethal doses of sodium and preservatives. But hey, it’s cheap right? Real information costs real money and requires you to change your ways for the better. Where is the fun in that?

Here is some bad news. Even FICO has gotten in the junk score business. Buy your FICO score at and it will give you 9 different scores, and only one of them is a constant in lending. What they call the old mortgage version.

You can buy a real score at but you must know which 8 versions to ignore, or you can go to a lender and ask them to prequalify you.  Those are the only two places you can get a real credit score.

Let’s recap. Everyone but banks and lenders make hundreds of millions of dollars selling junk scores and truest information. Banks and lenders make billions of dollars in interest. Sounds to me like you need to get yourself a solid credit education or buy yourself a comfortable and stylish life jacket. You will want to look good when you are driven over the cliff with the rest of the sheep.

Their used to be almost no credit information, now their is way too much. It went from top secret, to tabloid news level, but one thing remains the same. The rules haven’t changed.

Credit is not a moving target and never has been.

I have retired NFL clients, and I also have worked with people who are cartoon poor.  I have the same conversation with all of them.

That’s thing is that when credit was a whisper secret, lenders could do what they wanted.

Now that everyone who has a snappy www and an opinion loosely based in fact, credit info can sell a soothing credit score. The constant in all of this was what makes a score go up and down has not changed.

Good credit adds points and bad credit takes points.

Lenders require certain amounts and types of credit for the loan products they sell.

So instead of looking for shortcuts and easy ways out, maybe you should concentrate on educating yourself into a new, brighter future, and creating a credit profile that any lender would be impressed with.