I am creating a blog/vlog series titled The Birds and the Bees of Credit, Consumer Finance, and Business Banking. I need your help. I need your questions. I am starting at the beginning. Questions like – why credit, how credit and what is the universal carrot on a stick that makes us want to repay our creditors? After that is where your questions come in. Ask me as many as you want. I will be happy to answer them privately and in my blog/vlog. I will not use your name only your question(s). Message or email me your questions.

Another fun thing I am doing soon is sitting down with three couples who admittedly do not know very much about credit or lending. One couple is moving here from another country, one couple is getting married soon, and the other couple is becoming a first time home buyer. I am looking forward to that. I would like a few of you to join us. Message me, and I will get you the details.

You see when a mommy and a daddy want to buy something and pay for it in time instead of all at once… This story starts out strong, but most of the time it takes a wrong turn when mommy and daddy don’t know how the process works or when they think they do. In steps their “guy.” Their “guy” whom they have known for years or just met. The function of their “guy” is to guide them through things they don’t know enough about by offering his or her expertise. In this process, their “guy” earns money at some point during the process. Most of the time it is at the end of the sale, loan, purchase, lease, etc.

Before you read any further you need to know that there are some really good, competent, ethical, wise, savvy Realtors, Loan officers, Bankers etc. But there are far more that are the opposite of good. That is why having a basic understanding of the process helps weed out the ones who are incompetent at best.

Only in America would we want a 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinion on matters concerning our health, fashion or hair but we take the word of someone we don’t know all that well as long as it is what we want to hear. Only in America do we take advice from someone who is monetarily motivated by us making a decision that is good for them too. Only in America do we trust someone just because they said: “trust me” or acted confidently or assured us they knew someone who lived next door to someone who knew the answer.

If you have read my Widow verses BB&T and State Farm blog- https://4stepcredit.com/blog/ you would know that I have a serious ax to grind with State Farm. They are the perfect example for this. They have spent millions on advertising to get us to think they are a “good neighbor.” As I have written more than once, they are the opposite of a good neighbor. Yet, you have that jingle in your head. Every single person who I have helped to shop their insurance coverage saved a significant amount of money while maintaining excellent coverage. One lady saved $4,152 per year by switching from State Farm to a company she whom she asked to earn her business with a great rate and great coverage. Good neighbor indeed!?!?? As far as State Farm goes, I intend to help 1 million people leave State Farm because I have helped them to open their eyes and make insurance companies compete for their business by comparing apples to apples. Not apples to empty promises.

Share this for me, please. Credit education that helps good people keep more of their money is a passion of mine. Creating this series with questions from real people will be a huge help.