Thank you nonprofit I will not name because I was raised more gooder than that. This was the last straw. You cannot buy a straight answer concerning credit. You can get substandard guesses by the dozen for free. I understand not everyone wants to pay $500 when bad advice is free. I also understand that I am an excellent teacher who can walk you through step by step with detailed instructions emailed to you after we discuss your situation and I will make one debt settlement call with you. I will call it the Golden Email. Complete detail of how to settle and delete if possible your unpaid collections, handle angry creditors, where to get enough local score building credit to push your scores immediately while paying less than $5 in interest per month. 90% of what needs to happen to jump your scores dramatically can happen in 3 business days; it will take one reporting cycle for it to show but it’s done in 3 business days. You don’t have 100 problems you have 5 to 10 maybe just 1.

Mind you there is a lot of follow up, a lot of time on hold, a lot of people in your path that are not very good at their job but the majority of what needs to happen can happen in 3 days. Do you want me to walk you through it? Or do you want me to do most of it for you? $150 or $500, either way, you won’t suffer from poisonous bravado or simple buffoonery when it comes to following the credit rules.

Credit scoring is computer generated. It is what it is, and it wants what it wants, and that’s that. The hard part is dealing with people who won’t let not knowing the answer keep them from answering it enthusiastically. You need a credit card and an installment loan, and you get a debit card and life insurance; it happens.

One hundred twenty-nine days ago a lady called me about helping her with her credit for a future a home loan in the future. She didn’t make a lot of money. I slid my fee considerably, but she found a free option through a nonprofit housing program in Knoxville. I have offered several times over the years to teach credit classes at no charge for this particular outfit. I suppose they found me underqualified to teach while several of their clients have found me more than qualified to clean up the messes they made with their advice.

One hundred twenty-nine days later and in a desperate situation; divorcing and needing to refinance to rid herself of her meth lab soon to be ex-husband. The nonprofit’s free advice was horrifically overpriced. The nonprofit’s lackadaisical incompleteness leaves her on the verge of losing family property as she faces a court-ordered clock. No problem, if the assessment of her situation she gave me was complete, she will be able to refinance her home with scores over 650 in 45 days.

I understand that sometimes good people give good advice and for a million different reasons that advice is not followed. Without going into a 400-word story two things that would have made a huge difference in this lady’s credit score and they received zero effort; meaning here is a link for this and here is an address for that. That is the equivalent of me pulling into my mechanics shop, him telling me a list of parts to get and shouting instructions and encouragement as he walks me back to my car. You don’t do that. If I knew how to fix my car’s transmission cable that has a grommet that needs replacing I wouldn’t have had AAA take it to Rick’s garage this afternoon.

Bottom line is $150, or $500 solves a lot of credit problems. Call me, text me or email me I am not hard to get a hold of.