New and Used Car Buying Service

Take the stress out of finding a great deal & obtaining great financing.

If you are too upside down to refinance with a credit union, we can trade up and refinance your negative equity. In about 30 days you could go from driving a car with 100,000 miles or more to driving a new car with at or near the same payment.

The solution to all of this is easy and easy on the wallet – has partnered with a former new and used car finance manager and car salesman, we will call him Mr. X. I will cause your credit scores to increase dramatically and quickly. Mr. X will shop for the best purchase, loan, and trade in scenario for you. The fee for this is $250 to get your scores up and $250 to have Mr. X shop your purchase and trade in. 

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Ready to get started?  Text or Call Brian at (865) 951-3175 to get started.


Paying $18,000 for a $16,000 car(your lack of options did not catch the salesperson and finance person by surprise) and financing it at a double-digit interest rate.

$18,000 car loan at 18% over 60 months = $457 x 60 payments = $27,420


$16,000 car loan at 6% over 60 months = $309 x 60 payments = $18,540 – The total diffence is $8,800 / 60 months = $148 per month in overpaid interest/purchase

Working with 4 Step Credit can save you $1,000’s and put you in a reliable car!