I am a Credit Coach, not credit repair. You don’t have 100 problems you might have 10 or less. If you knew better you would do better. Anyone, including you, can write tersely worded letters to the credit bureaus. I help you solve your problems at the creditor level. My fee is more than reasonable and I help you get results fast.

I have taught credit and credit scoring full time since June of 2003. I teach a credit recovery class for the Tennessee Department of Corrections, volunteer my services to battered women’s shelters and foster organizations. I charge a flat fee, not a monthly fee. I have no motivation to make this process take longer than necessary. Depending on your situation everything listed below I can do in 35ish days or less; 2 weeks is not uncommon. Increase your credit score dramatically, quickly.

Here is are some of the things I can do for you:

  1. Call creditors for you with you on the phone to negotiate your valid collections for a much lower amount and a credit file deletion if possible. It is much easier if we can get the creditor to agree to delete. In the world of credit reporting can’t means won’t. Find the right person at the credit agency and turn can’t into can.
  2. Get collections that are not yours or are too old to be on your credit report deleted quickly.
  3. Help you create a credit profile that will push your credit scores towards 800 as quickly as possible while paying less than $5 per month in interest. It is not a debt derby.
  4. Teach advanced credit management skills that will get you maximum credit points every month.
  5. Refinance Negative Equity or Trade-in Negative Equity from your last auto purchase.
  6. Teach you how to become successful in small business banking. Acquire business loans and lines of credit.
  7. Help navigate your student loan mess. Student loans are a Federal nightmare.
  8. And and and… I love teaching credit and credit scoring more than one man should. All of your credit score problems have a solution.