Today is my kind of day. My heart smiles when I hear good news like this. I started working with this family 300 days ago. Today the refinanced both of their vehicles and saved $300 per month. They were previously approved for 175k, but with their new lower payments they qualify for 225k.

Some folks I turn in 11 days, and some take 300 and some even more, but the one constant is they all reach their goals as long as they don’t give up and don’t give in.  Both of their middle scores were in the 550 range. We had some budgetary constraints and a variety of issues that we had to overcome but overcome we did. Wow, just wow, I love what I do.

Fun fact, there are 540,000 people who have full-time jobs in Knox County, according to a recent article. Opinions vary on how many could qualify for single digit interest loans, but I think we can all agree that 30% of them have bad credit. 540,000 x 30% = 162,000 that pay more than they should for almost everything credit related. This includes car insurance, homeowners insurance, auto loans, etc.  With bad credit comes higher cost to borrow. This family saved $300 per month and still drive the same vehicles.

Forget $300 per month. What if 162,000 people with bad credit saved only $80 per month? 162,000 x $80 = $12,960,000 x 12 months = $155,520,000 That is the fee to have bad credit. That money doesn’t buy a newer car or a bigger house. It is effectively lit on fire. $155,520,000 is the answer to why you can’t stir the high-interest lenders with a stick.

The confused are easily misled. Who is picking your pocket? What you don’t know is costing you a fortune!!!