1/29/18 It turns out the people at BB&T I talked to this morning and the ones Wanda has talked to for months are full of… They will get a chapter in my new book “Don’t be surprised if the person you are dealing with is not very good at their job.” This great-grandmother is raising her three great-grandchildren on a fixed income. I met the kids today. They are awesome.

I am fired up now. These knotheads have jacked her payment $233 since October 2017. They won’t talk to her to help her because they said she wasn’t on the mortgage just the deed. After some time at the Clerk and Masters office getting paperwork to make her executor of her late husband’s estate(died without a will). This was going to cost $333.50 and a lot of time. We go to the deed room and get a copy of the mortgage of which she is on. Going to be a fun call to BB&T in the morning. I can’t wait. Justice doesn’t punch a time clock. That is my soon to be trademarked phrase. I hope they are ready for me because I am ready for them.