Round 4 We got State Farm canceled and her new homeowner’s policy in place. We called the BB&T mortgage department we inquired how long it would take to receive the payment history. She said no payment history was ordered. Last week we ordered a payment history from 2006 to present. This customer service person said it wasn’t ordered. They were waiting for us to call back. Why would we call back? We called them. There was no mention of the need for a follow-up phone call. Silly and sounds made up on the spot?

They reordered the payment history and transferred us to the insurance department. The BB&T insurance told us they couldn’t find the declaration page. She said we could fax it again, and in 24 to 48 hours they would have the declaration page in their system. Then they could start the escrow audit that will lower my friend’s house payment by hopefully $233. I forcefully but politely explained our ridiculous journey from January until now. The BB&T insurance lady gave me a web address and a pin# to upload the declaration page so we could order the escrow audit. I did as asked. We have called back three times, stayed on hold for 10 minutes plus to have them pick up the call and then hang up.

BB&T is one class organization. We all know to stay away from Wells Fargo and Bank of America, but BB&T is the sneaky, horrible bank. You expect them to be hometowny. They fool you and send you into the 9th level of customer service hell. No answers, no solutions only buck-passing. My friend who is in her 70’s remarked “well I guess I would have to work at BB&T for a day to understand their slowness, I get that we aren’t their only customers but this kind of slowness I don’t understand. That was my really good laugh for the day. A very nice great-grandmother in the politest way possible was trying to understand this much incompetence. I am still in search of the lady in the poster in the foyer of the bank that says she is an advocate. We could use her phone number and extension if anyone has it.