Widow versus Big Insurance

I don’t have the final figures in but it looks like Terry Hildreth will save this lady over $115 per month starting tomorrow. Step 1 this morning, go court in Anderson County, hopefully for the last time.Step 2 once she gets appointed the administrator to her late husband’s estate that is worth $0 and 0 cents, which took well over a month to do and cost $331 she didn’t have. Step 3 it will be off to BB&T. They got some splainin to do. Step 4 find out why State Farm’s homeowner’s insurance was over double what Farm Bureau quoted. State Farm got some splainin to do. They don’t sound like they are acting like the good neighbors they claim to be. Should be fun. Good habits, better information and the right person helping you can do wonders for your score. What you don’t know is costing you a fortune. I have 14 years worth of stories to share from over 30,000 hours spent solving credit problems. I get results. https://4stepcredit.com/get-robbed-pencil/