You don’t need a raise. You need to stop wasting money. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times – Any fool can make money but until you become concerned about $50 you will never create wealth. Cue the prosperity messages, fancy speakers winning formulas followed by books and videos in case you forgot that the new you is waiting just around the corner.

What you need is a solid consumer finance, lending and credit education that allows you to drive paid for cars, have the most competitive financing available because you know how to make lenders, car sales, insurance sales and shopkeepers the world over compete for your business. Instead of having your pockets picked by the carnie folk of consumer finance put yourself in charge. You can easily learn the how to make the best deals on everything with a price tag over $50.

What is so special about $50? $50 turns into $17,520 when extra principal is paid on a $120,000 mortgage –

Prepayment Summary

Interest savings      $17,520.87

Mortgage paid off in         25 years and 8 months

Amount         $50.00 monthly

Start with payment           1

Total payments       $206,528.52

Total interest           $86,528.52

How many $50’s are you taking a match too?

Often the answers to our problems are packaged in the form commercials and promotions that are chains that bind us in disguise. Is State Farm a good neighbor? Read my widow verses BB&T and State Farm blog. These snappy commercials and promotions are designed to control you rather than set you free from your problem. Think about it. Everybody has got the “sugars” or diabeetus as one spokesperson says it. Look how many clever, well-produced commercials there are for products that combat the effects of a poor diet. Billions and billions of dollars are at stake. Keep chugging sodas, eating out and eating your weight in bacon every year; they got a pill for that.

Truth is eating right and exercising, for most will turn your health around. People who invest in eating cleaner and exercise don’t need a pill to fight off the effects of the “sugars” or high blood pressure, clogged arteries, weight loss, skin issues, depression and that list goes on and on. How many stories do you see on the internet machine about someone losing 150 pounds and suddenly they don’t need a pill for anything. Getting healthy is cheaper than remaining unhealthy.

The same goes for your finances. Let’s list some excuses we all use to justify making bad deals right now:

  1. I am very busy
  2. It will save me money in the long run, so I was told.
  3. I made an unbreakable vow that this is the last time a get screwed on financing on anything ever for the rest of my life…after this time unless Rental Center runs a super special on a big screen/ Xbox combo for $180 per month.
  4. I deserve this now not later. I work my tail off.
  5. They said I could refinance after I made my payments on time for a year, maybe. I can trust them, they said so.
  6. What are you talking about the salesperson just told me how I just got over on them.

Let’s list some excuses we all use to justify taking a match to 2 to 3 months pay every year by overspending on things that have no discernable value.

Eating out:

  1. A) I am very busy
  2. B) I am tired
  3. C) I am treating myself
  4. D) I earned it
  5. E) I am sad, so I need a pick me up
  6. F) everybody else does
  7. G) I don’t want to feel left out.

Overspending on entertaining yourself including – technology – cable – latest and greatest phone – weekend trips – top fashions – hobbies

  1. a) I am very busy
  2. b) I am tired
  3. c) I am treating myself
  4. d) I earned it
  5. e) I am sad, so I need a pick me up
  6. f) everybody else does
  7. g) I don’t want to feel left out.

What we spend on our children including –  technology – cable – latest and greatest phone – weekend trips – travel sports – top fashions- hobbies

  1. a) they are very busy
  2. b) they are tired
  3. c) they need a treat
  4. d) they earned it
  5. e) they are sad, so they need a pick me up
  6. f) everybody else does
  7. g) I don’t want them to feel left out

For the love of common sense, can somebody explain Starbucks to me? Can you seriously not buy a blender, the best coffee beans in the world, the best coffee maker in the world and the best hot and cold container in the world and save yourself two thousand dollars per year? Wake up 15 minutes early every morning and be able to go on a family vacation. Sounds reasonable, surely I am not the only one who sees that.

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